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Summer Term 2

To kick the last half term off, we looked at and enjoyed poetry. On the first day, we held a poetry show. We looked through lots of poetry books, chose and performed our favourites.



Take a listen to some of our favourite poems…

              Leap like a Leopard – John Foster                                                    Hands on the Bridge – Michael Rosen


      The Day the Dragon Came to School – Nick Toczek                                                 Don’t – Michael Rosen


 I opened a book - Michael Rosen

We had lots of fun sorting poems into their different forms. The different forms we learnt about are narrative, free verse, acrostic, shape, haiku, kennings and limericks. Over the next couple of weeks we looked at famous poets and used their poems to inspire our writing. When we had written our poems, we held a Poetry party with Class 5.


On the following Monday, we invited parents into school to read poems by Pie Corbett to the children. They thoroughly enjoyed it. We are now ready to write our poems, inspired by Pie Corbett.




During our science lessons, we finished our light topic. We asked and investigated statements about shadows.

·         Can I make the position of my shadow change?

·         Can I change the length of my shadow?

·         Can my shadow change shape?

·         Can I make a gap between my shadow and my feet?

·         Can I stand on my shadow?

·         Can I make my shadow smile?

·         Can I run so fast I leave my shadow behind?




We also enjoyed our last topic of the year, the Ancient Egyptians.

This term, class 3 enjoyed their trip to Darley Barn Outdoor Centre. On Friday 9th June, we went to Darley Barn Outdoor Centre. When we arrived, we met our fabulous instructors and they gave us a safety briefing. We split into two groups and began the activities. We enjoyed orienteering around the park. The instructors gave us a map and we had to navigate ourselves around the park to find the numbered and lettered posts. The other activity we had a go at before lunch was rock climbing. It was so much fun! I am so proud of all of the children because they had a go at the climbing wall even though some of them were scared. Lots of children made it to the top of the wall and loved abseiling back down. After these two activities, we had a picnic outside in the sunshine. Then we participated in our last activity – grass sledging. First, we went down the baby slopes and then we climbed up the biggest hill in the park. I think this was most of the children’s favourite activity. Even the adults raced down the hill too!!!


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