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Summer Term 1

We have had another great half term in Class 3. Our writing topic this term has been warning stories. We learnt the pattern that a warning story follows and noticed we know lots of warning stories already such as, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. Here’s the pattern:

1) The main character gets told not to do something.

2) The main character does what they have been told not to.

3) Something bad happens.

4) The main character is rescued.

5) The main character gets told off.

Can you think of any other warning tales? Then, we learnt a warning story off my heart called The Canal. Listen to Lexi retell us the story from a text map.


After we learnt the pattern, we wrote our own warning stories. Take a look at our brilliant writing.


In maths, we have now learnt short multiplication and short division. First we used concrete objects to learn the method.


We have also done lots of work on fractions and we used smarties to help us learn. What fun!


As part of our mini island topic, we designed our own island and made a map to learn about co-ordinates.

We went outside and made up our co-ordinates grids to help us with our learning. Then, we made up our own games. Ask us the rules to our games.


We have also had lots of fun in the afternoon. In science, we have enjoyed our Light topic with Mrs White. We had an outdoor afternoon of shelter building as part of our mini-island topic. We learnt how to build a shelter using the materials around us.





During Art with Miss Mayne, we have studied Impressionism and Pointillism. This means the artist uses lots of tint dots and brush strokes to create their painting. We looked at the work of Georges Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet. We had lots of opportunities to practise these techniques in the afternoons and had a go at creating digital artwork based on the famous painting Starry Night.



We also practised this technique on culture day. Class 3 focused on Aboriginal art. We learnt Aboriginal people live in Australia for over 40,000 years, making them one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Other key facts:

  • They live in the central desert region.
  • They eat seeds, fruit, vegetables, reptiles and insects.
  • Their beliefs focused on the natural environment.
  • Dreamtime stories tell of when the world was created and their art shows these stories through secret symbols.
  • Their paintings are used for teaching
  • They are not allowed to paint a story that doesn’t belong to them.

We discussed Aboriginal art and had a go at our own. We focused on the geometrical style found in central Australia which involves circles, arcs and dots. Also, we took part in an Aboriginal dance workshop and put on a performance for parents at the end of the day.





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