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Autumn Term 1 in Class 3

We have had a great start to the year in Class 3. We have settled in brilliantly and had a great, positive attitude to learning. 

 Miss Mayne’s English class have been busy writing setting descriptions. We have imagined being at the seaside, at the woods and at a football ground. Look at all our fantastic writing on our excellent writing wall.

Miss Mayne’s maths class have revised their number bonds and times tables. We are now learning our 3, 4 and 6 times tables. We also enjoyed making 3D shapes, using marshmallows and cocktail sticks. Ask us what shapes we made!

In the afternoons, we have enjoyed our topic work. We have been learning about our bodies. At first we looked at healthy eating and made our own Eatwell plates. We know which foods we can eat lots of and which ones we shouldn’t eat as much of.


Then we looked at the effect different drinks can have on our teeth. We put eggshells in different liquids and left them for three days Miss Mayne took them out and we looked, smelt and watched Miss Mayne scrunch the eggshells in her hands. The eggshells in water, fizzy water and milk stayed strong showing us these drinks are good for your teeth. The worst liquid was vinegar. Because of the acid, the eggshells went soft and slimy.

Next we looked at the digestive system and made poo! Don’t worry, there were no live samples! First, we chewed the weetbix and it went down the oesophagus into the stomach (zippy bag). Here, it was mixed with stomach acid and churned up. Then we squeezed the food through the small intestine (tights) to take out the goodness. Next the food travelled through the large intestine (tights) and was squeezed and squeezed until all the water had been squeezed out. Finally the end of the tights was cut off so the food waste (poo!) could be pushed out.

To finish the topic, we looked at the effect exercise has on our heart rate. We learnt the heart pumps blood around the body, the blood carries oxygen and the muscles need these things to work. To investigate this we took our pulse rate after resting, walking, jogging, hopping and sprinting. After collecting our results we used Microsoft Excel to present our results.





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